La Renommée/Renown made a number of captures while in service to France and Great Britain. The following is a partial listing of her more noted engagements. Smaller ships taken in the West Indies were omitted. Also noted is la Renommée’s own capture by the Dover.


May 5:
La Renommée chased a colonial Connecticut fleet off Pope’s Head on its way to Cabot’s Strait near Nova Scotia and captured a lagging colonial transport ship. Captain Guy-François de Coëtnempren de Kersaint boarded it and then released it in favor of chasing the snow escort but was unsuccessful in engaging it.

May 16:
Captain Kersaint was heading westward south of Nova Scotia when he sighted, attacked, and captured a provincial snow, the Prince of Orange. It was a newer build and carried fourteen six pounders and was captained by provincial naval officer Joseph Smithhurst.

La Renommée captured a colonial brigantine of 200 tons from Carolina with a full hold of rice off Nova Scotia.

July 6:
On a return trip to Louisbourg, la Renommé sailed with the Perier de Salvert squadron to relieve the blockade of the port. Captain Kersaint pursued another British ship named Prince of Orange, a mastship sailing en flute. He attacked and took the ship 30 miles east off Newfoundland after a fierce two-hour fight. On board was New York Lieutenant Governor Clark on his way to London who mistakenly informed Kersaint that Louisbourg had fallen. Government documents also found onboard that Clark had failed to destroy during the capture, turned out to reveal a detailed plan of a British invasion of French Canada.


September 23:
La Renommée captained by François Marie Aleno de Saint-Aloüarn was sailing a hundred and fifty miles southwest of Ushant, an island off the coast of France, making its way to Santo Domingo. On board was the new governor of Santo Domingo, the eminent naval commander Huber de Brienne, Marquis de Conflans. There they encountered the 26-gun British frigate, Amazon, originally the French ship Panthére and much the same in design as la Renommée. The two frigates had a running battle with one another for hours. Eventually the Amazon, greatly damaged, ended her attacks after she caught fire. Four larger British warships then appeared distant and closed on la Renommée. With badly damaged masts from the previous fight, she was still able to outrun them and made course changes during the night. At daybreak on the 24th, however, she was attacked by one that had followed her by moonlight, the Dover of 44-guns and commanded by Captain Washington Shirley. After three hours of battle, la Renommée had two masts severely damaged and was sinking. The Marquis de Conflans had been wounded and they had lost fifty men and most of their gun crew officers. With no other options, Captain Saint-Aloüarn was forced into lowering the flag and the frigate was taken over. Captain Shirley towed the ship to Plymouth where she was surveyed, repaired, and commissioned into the royal navy as the Renown. The same Captain Shirley became her first British commander in January of 1748.


June 29:
The Renown under Captain George Mackenzie chased and captured the French sloop la Guirlande of 22-guns off Cherbourg, France. The Rochester of 74-guns assisted in the last few minutes of the battle.


Captain Mackenzie captured the French schooner Captain West in the West Indies. The ship was later taken by the French and recaptured again by the British.


April 21:
While commanded by Captain Frederick Lewis Maitland, the Renown captured the French schooner la Neptune.

May 7:
Captain Maitland also captured a French sloop from Bordeaux and took it to Port au Prince, Haiti.

May 10:
The Renown recaptured the English schooner Black Jack from South Carolina, taken by the French the previous day.


March 7:
Captain Maitland while on Channel duty, captured the French privateer, la Saujon, a cutter of 6-guns from Morleaux.

March 9:
The Renown captured a French privateer, le Comte d’Herouville of 16-guns from Dunkirk, assisted by the Lizard.

March 18:
Captain Maitland commanding the Renown chased and took the French snow le Domerville of 8-guns out of Bayonne, and the French privateer snow le Sequin of 12-guns, off St. Malo, assisted by the sloop Adventure.

It is very probable that la Renommée/Renown had captured other ships during the 27 years of service which are not described above.