Examples of la Renommée-Renown…

Ship modeling is as old as the first ships that sailed the seas. Beyond providing for hours of enjoyment, and at times frustration, modeling is an exercise in patience. Modeling la Renommée-Renown has been the joy of scale modelers since 1993 with the publishing of Boudriot’s monogram La Renommée: Frégate de VIII. Modelers around the world have displayed their la Renommée models on the internet over the years.

Here are a few modelers whose ships deserve praise and a look at their craftsmanship. Different presentation types and construction methods were used.

Günter Hermmann is currently working on la Renommée and here are a few photographs of his progress. Note the fine detailing in the quarter gallery. His work can be tracked here.




Here is the work of Luigi Balestrieri, a master ship modeler who won numerous awards and gold medals throughout Europe for his la Renommée below. The ship is featured here.






Next is a miniature Renown in a handsome case created by Philip S. Reed. The model is hardwood planking on a solid core body. The ship’s boat towed behind is a nice touch and the sculpted waves appear realistic.




This cased model of la Renommée is made of ebony, pear, and maple and features brass fittings of the stern and figurehead decorations that are available on the internet. This model received a silver medal award in Russia. Vladislav Svetlichnyi is the artisan.



Here is la Renommée by Eric L’Emaillet that won numerous world and French championship gold medals. He also has created other models taken from the ANCRE publications, some for sale! A tall-ship model builder for over 30 years, his work shows it. He lives in the heart of France’s historic nautical region just south of Brest in Quimper. As a side note: One of the captains of la Renommée, Françoise de Saint-Aloüarn, was a nobleman from the Quimper area. Visit Eric’s fine models here and a video here.


Another possible display is just a partial section of la Renommée. Antifieiev Eugene’s website shows his work on the bow section of the frigate.



Here is a superb 1:48 scale by Karl Fändrich.It is just over 51 inches long (130cm) by 38 inches high (98cm) and took approximately 2000 hours to build.

It is made of walnut, maple, pear, and beech from Boudriot’s monograph. Notice the intricate rigging arrangements. This ship can be viewed here along with models of the Berlin, Le Requin, Santa Maria, Zeehaen, Prince Willem, Pinta, Royal Katherin, Nina, HMS Victory, La Flore, Halifax, Heemskerck, HMS Aldebran, Le Fleuron, Golden Hinde, La Couronne, Le Capricieux, L’Agréable, and numerous others. Karl is a VERY busy modeler!



Please read the blog “About That EuroModel Kit” located in the Sea Bag section. Here are a few good resources and organizations for wood tall-ship modelers:

Tutorials & Forums:

Model Shipwright’s Database – Offers articles and tutorials for the ship modelers 

Admiralty Models –  Offers insights on good modeling practices

Lauck Street Shipyard – Offers instructional CDs for all levels of ship model builders

Model Ship World – Biggest interactive English language forum for ship modelers

The Nautical Research Guild’s Resources for Ship Model Building and Nautical Research – Offers information on all areas of ship modeling

The Ship Modelers Forum – Supports everything on model ship building

The Texas A&M University Ship Model Laboratory – Offers research on archaeological and historical ship construction

The Warriorgroup Mailing List  – Offers insight on how to build model ships using the Hahn building method


Ship Models:

Ove Andreasen’s Shipmodels, Denmark, internet – Numerous photographs of his excellent models

Raul Guzman, Jr’s. Shipmodels, internet  – Sailing ships exhibited

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Holland, internet – A collection of 1,600 Dutch naval models

The River’s Touch, US, internet – Museum quality, historical Oregon driftboats

National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, UK, internet – An enormous display of Admiralty and other ship models

Marine Museum of Rochefort, France, internet – Exhibits that cover most areas of French sailing ships with exquisite models and sculptural details.

US Naval Academy Museum, US, internet – Rogers’ Collection of navy board ship models


Tools & Materials:

American Marine Model Gallery – Makes and sells tall ship models

Crown Timberyard  – Sells exotic woods for the ship modelers

Byrnes Model Machines – Sells top quality table saws and tools for precision cutting

National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, UK – Sells historic ship plans

Nature Coast Hobby Shop – Wooden and plastic ship models, books, tools, supplies

Nexus Imports – Cases to display model ships

Nick Carter’s Taig Lathe Pages – Various tools and helpful articles

Northeastern Scale Lumber – Sells specialty woods for modelmaking

Old Glory Miniatures – Sells scale historical figures

Penn State Industries – Sells small lathes and other accessories

PJ Tool & Supply – Sells hobby tools

Plastruct, Inc. – Sells plastic scale structures and detail items

Premier Ship Models – Sells handcrafted static ship models

Promondo – Sells display models of historic ships

Proxxon – Sells precision miniature tools

Robert Eddy & Associates – Sells yacht models

Robert Williams – Sells and restores model ships

Royal Museums Greenwich, Plans Division – Sells ship plans

The Russian Ship Model Gallery – Sells sailing ship models

S&G Ships In Bottle – Sells ships in bottles

The Scale Card – Offers scaling devices

Scale Reproductions, Inc. – Sells scale models, parts, and special order parts

Sea Port Model Works – Sells scale model ship kits, hulls, and fittings

Sherline Products – Sells modelmaking tools

Shesto – Sells hobby and modelers precision tools

Ship Modelers Central – Sells finished ship models, parts, accessories, books,  and wood for the modelers

Ship Modeler’s Desktop – Offers workspace articles, storage and workbench ideas, special tools, conversion charts

Singleman’s Model Boat Works – Sells ship trophies

Smithsonian Institution – Sells historic ship plans

Special Shapes Co. – Brass and copper bars, shapes and tubing

Syren Ship Model Fittings and Supplies – Sells ship model fittings, blocks, cannon, and ship parts

Taig Tools – Sells desktop milling machines and lathes

Taubman Plans Service International – Sells ship plans

Testors – Sells paints and adhesives for modelers

Vanda-Lay Industries – Sells power tools and accessories for modelers

Wye River Models – Sells model kits of Chesapeake Bay craft)


Ship Model Clubs:

The Ancient Mariners, Sun City, Arizona

Atlanta Model Shipwrights, Atlanta, Georgia

Carolina Maritime Society, Beaufort, North Carolina

Connecticut Marine Model Society, Middletown, Connecticut

The Forecastle Report – Midwest Model Shipwrights, Chicago, Illinois

Gateway Model Ship Crafters, Ballwin, Missouri

Golden Triangle Marine Modelers, Waterloo, Ontario

Great Lakes Nautical Society, St. Claire, Michigan

The Great Salt Lake Ship Modeling and Research Society, Sandy, Utah

Gulf Coast Ship Modelers Society, Houston, Texas

Hampton Roads Ship Model Society, Hampton Roads, Virginia

Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights, San Francisco, California

Jacksonville Ship Modeler’s Society, Jacksonville, Florida

Kansas City Square Riggers Modeling Association, Kansas City, Missouri

Kurashiki Marine Modelers Club, Kurashiki City, Okayama, Japan

Long Island Ship Model Society, Plainedge, New York

Maritime Modelers of Niagara, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

The Model Shipwright Guild of Western New York, Rochester, New York

The Nautical Research Guild & Ship Model Society, Westmont, Illinois

The Naval Center Workshop of the Ecomuseu Municipal, Seixal, Portugal

The Northshore Deadeyes, Northbrook, Illinois

Philadelphia Ship Model Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rocky Mountain Shipwrights, Denver, Colorado

The Rope, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, Japan

The Rose City Model Sailing Club, Portland, Oregon

The Runcorn and District Scale Model Boat Club (UK)

Ship Lore & Model Club, New York, New York

The Ship’s Log – Tampa Bay Ship Model Society, Tampa Bay, Florida

The Shipcraft Guild of New York, New York, New York

The Ship Modelers Association, California

The Ship Model Society of New Jersey, Roseland, New Jersey

Shipwrights of Central Ohio, Columbus, Ohio

The Society of Model Shipwrights, Bromley, Kent, UK

The South Bay Model Shipwrights, Los Altos, California

South Florida Shipmodelers Guild, Bonita Springs, Florida

Suncoast Ship Model Society of Spring Hill, Spring Hill, Florida

The Tampa Bay Ship Model Society, Tampa Bay, Florida

The Tulsa Ship Modeler’s Society, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Upper Valley Ship Model Guild, Lime, New Hampshire

USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild, Boston, Massachusetts

The Washington Ship Model Society, Washington, DC


Books & Magazines:

Finescale Modeler Magazine

SeaWatch Books – Publisher of ship modeling books

Seaways’ Ships in Scale Magazine – Articles on ship modeling